Self Storage Companies – Which One To Choose

The self storage industry is an industry whereby storage space like lockers, rooms, containers or outdoor space is rented to tenants most commonly on a short-term basis. The tenants may be individuals and businesses and the length of time may be month-to-month or even longer-term leases.

These rented storage spaces are usually secured by the tenant’s own lock as well as key therefore the self storage facility employees will not have access to the storage contents of the space.

The following are reasons why people use Brisbane self storage facilities:

– In case you are moving house and you are in need of temporary storage to store your furniture.

– When you are renovating your home and you need to keep your household possessions safe.

– In the event of a relocation and you need to store your valuables as you move.

– The lock up building is a place you can put your belongings as you are travelling.

– If you have hobby or sports equipment that is taking a lot of space in your house.

– Commercial companies use it for archives and to keep files so as to free up space in the office.

– Companies which have seasonal as well as excess stock can also use these spaces.

The following are benefits of self storage:

1. You can use the storage space just for the time you need so you will not spend money to rent space you do not need

2. Paying is made conveniently as you can be able to place the monthly payment instruction with the storage company

3. Most storage facilities are available under short notice so you will not be inconvenienced in case a need arises for you to store your items urgently

4. Most of the storage facilities have a twenty four hours access, seven days a week. You will therefore be able to access your goods, or sports equipment the moment you need them.

5. There is controlled access because every tenant receives a unique entry tag, which is a personal key that they can use for entry into the storage premises. The times of entry and exit are also electronically recorded in case of future reference.

6. Because you are allowed to purchase your own lock, you will be the only one who keeps the key and therefore you will be the only one who has access to the goods you put inside.

property 17. Most storage companies are able to provide boxes, wrappers as well as tape which ensures that all the items you want to store are packaged well. To find the appropriate packaging for your goods do some research online for a good packing company or do it yourself.

8.You have the option to choose the storage space that will fit your things and you are allowed to transfer between different unit sizes easily and as frequently as you like.

9.The storage companies have secure drive-up access as well as climate controlled storage units. There is also a computer controlled security access system which allows entry to those people who should be on the premises.

When looking for a storage space in Brisbane, Queensland to rent, you need to consider the following:

Look for a location that offers twenty four hours access because a storage venue with limited access may be very inconvenient for you.

Consider the type of roof that the facility has because pitched roofed buildings are able to shed the rain better and also have a lower temperature during hot weather.

Look for a facility that has lights in the storage space in case you need to access the facility at night

Look for a facility that has computer controlled access gates and surveillance cameras

It should also have climate controlled spaces in case you need to store antiques or speciality items that are affected by temperature